Jim Jasek Photos

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James Jasek, submitted the following photographs taken by Windy Drum during the 1961 year we were there having the best time of our lives. Both Jimmie Willis and Windy Drum were long time personal friends, and when they decided to go out of business, I was made caretaker for their life work covering Waco's history starting in 1945 and continuing up to today. As a photographer myself, I still have a full operating darkroom and have made hundreds of prints off the historic image file in my collection that dates back to the late 1890's. I published a book, The Pictorial History of Waco volume two.

In March and April of 2008, I was able to gain access to Waco High School and photograph the building before it was closed down and stripped out. It was great to be able to explore the entire building and go into places I was not allowed as a student. The boiler room was great fun for me to explore as a spelunker I love to explore the darkest places.

It was very sad to see the building is such terrible condition. Paint peeling off the walls, ceiling tiles missing, broken glass on the floors, desks piled in the rooms, trophy's smashed, broken windows, and trash everywhere. It was not a safe for pleasant place, but I loved ever second of being there. For pictures, click here.

I hope these pictures do not destroy memories.

James Jasek